5 05 2009


It’s a classic! :) Inhale for Friends of the Earth by JWT Hong Kong, China.



30 04 2009


Beyonce to be She-Hulk?….Conceptcity

7 Green Things Obama Should Do Over the Next 100 Days….treehugger

Cheap chic cardboard laptop case….Mothernaturenetwork

Electrik Red Ft Ludacris-We F@ck You Remix…conceptcity



30 04 2009

BCTV: Broccoli City took over the new era store in atlanta, Ga for earth day, covered by CNN, this was an outstanding event promoting positive thinking, and of course clean living.

join the movement

check out “hip-hop goes green” via: theloop

“most people live on this earth but broccoli city lives in it”

Cardboard office by Paul Coudamy

23 04 2009


French artist Paul Coudamy has designed a cardboard office interior for an advertising agency in Paris, France.

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In The Woods by Karen Ryan

23 04 2009


British designer Karen Ryan has sent a series of images showing the development of her latest project, called In The Woods.

The project, a balanced stack of found chairs, is “a reaction to the ever increasing consumer mountain of design and design waste”.

via: dezen

Lightpot is a stylish lamp and garden all in one

20 03 2009


If I wanted to grow some plants or herbs in my small New York apartment, I’d probably have to do it out on the fire escape — which is rather unwieldy. The Lightpot, designed by Studio Shalub, would be perfect for someone like me, as it doubles as both a lamp and a tiny garden. LED lighting gives the plants some love whatever the lighting situation and, if you’re going to bed, you can close the Lightpot to keep things dark.

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12 03 2009

Check out Broccoli City at the GREEN FASHION SHOW. BC helped make history at Power Shift 2009, the largest ever youth conference and lobby day on climate change.

Speaker: Linda Jackson newly appointed Head of Environmental Protection Agency

Special Thanks: Kari Fulton, Howard University, & Verde Modeling


Creative Food Economy Emerges in Ontario

9 03 2009


In North America the food economy has long been dominated by commodities. A big part of the sustainable and local food movement is a direct response to systems that are controlled by outside interests. New models for food system are continually emerging. Martin Prosperity Institute, a “think-tank on the role of sub-national factors in global economic prosperity”, recently published a report on one of these models, From Kraft to Craft: innovation and creativity in Ontario’s Food Economy. At the core of the report is the concept of a “creative food economy”.

The Institute published this handy chart to explain the differences between the industrial and creative food economies.

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8 03 2009

enviromentally friendly- Dragon Experience E.C.O

6 03 2009


The Experience E.C.O is the end result of pro surfer, Rob Machado’s mission to find enviromentally friendly ways to build sunglasses. The frame is built from 100% renewable materials and also comes with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified packaging and a 100% organic cotton sunglass bag. Link: $100-$140



4 03 2009


From seduction to sex, individuals are becoming more planet-friendly as well as body-friendly. Lovers are getting involved in “green dating,” “vegetarian porn” and “green weddings.”

These days, lovers are also more concerned about what they’re putting on, in or up against their bodies, but great rewards can be found in experimenting with the following:

1. Organic Lubricants

Companies are starting to make lubricants free of parabens and petro-chemicals, like Babeland Naturals Organic Lube. Kissed with skin-healing aloe and organic flowers, such products get away from anything artificial. Some people are turned off by the color (brown), but all things considered, this dark shade is a lot sexier than putting petroleum products on your body.

2. Bamboo Sheets

Make over your bed with silky bamboo fabric. These eco-friendly, luxury sheets come from a renewable source and are usually grown without pesticides and harsh chemicals. They also contain natural, antimicrobial properties (meaning they can kill or inhibit the growth of things like bacteria or fungi). They can be purchased at stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond.

3. Eco-Lingerie

Slippery and stylish, eco-undies and other fine undergarments are now made of hemp silk, organic cotton, bamboo, and other renewable fibers, from companies like American Apparel Organics and the United Kingdom’s Enamore.

4. Environmentally Friendly Condoms

Contraceptives, in general, are a great idea for keeping the Earth’s population under control. So if you use condoms, and all you and your partner have to worry about is pregnancy, you may want to consider the sheep skin condom.

This condom is biodegradable. It does not, however, protect lovers against sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

5. Sustainable Wooden Paddles

Into spanking? Coco de Mer makes top of the line sustainable wooden paddles complimented with fair-trade leather wrist cuffs.

6. Phthalate-Free Vibrators

In the last few years, consumers have become increasingly concerned about chemicals called phthalates, a substance of phthalic acid used to soften plastics for more of a jelly-feel. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, high doses of phthalates can change hormone levels, causing birth defects.

The concern is so great that the European Union banned a number of phthalates fromchildren’s toys in 2004. Consider, too, that a study conducted for Greenpeace Netherlands found that the ratio of sex toys that tested positive for phthalates was 7:8. (They ranged in concentration from 24 to 51 percent).

In response, the sex toy industry has started to make vibrators out of elastomer, a latex-free material that doesn’t contain phthalate. When it comes to sex toys in general, look for those made of hard plastic, Lucite, acrylic, glass, metal or elastomer. Rechargeable or solar-powered help the planet even more.

7. Certified Fair Trade Chocolate

This sweet treat has long been a delight of lovers looking to seduce one another. What many don’t know, however, is that its production involves the exploitation of cocoa farmers and childlabor in harvesting the cocoa beans. So go for chocolatiers who practice fair trade, using cocoa from companies like Cocoa Camino. Your money will help to improve farming practices and schools in developing countries.

8. Local Flowers

When wooing your lover, try to use locally grown or seasonal flowers. They’re right there and don’t require using as many fossil fuels by coming from miles away!

9. Sex Kits

All-in-one kits, like the Eco-Sexy Kit, are packed with a body-friendly, rechargeable vibrator and all-natural spa products, like soy-based massage candles.

10. Organic Wine

According to the USDA’s National Organic Program, organic wine is “made from organically grown grapes without any added sulfites.” This does, however, limit your selection since so few U.S. winemakers do this.

So when wining and dining each other, go for wines made from certified organically grown grapes. These are grown without any chemical fertilizers, insecticides, weed killers and other synthetic chemicals. And don’t forget to recycle the bottle!


Obama turns the White House Organic….

2 03 2009


Since Obama took office and the family moved into the White House things have changed in the food and agriculture landscape in the U.S. of A. Let’s review.

A collective, “Oh No!” sprang from the keyboards of sustainable agriculture advocates with the appointment of Tom Vilsack as head of the USDA.The general feeling was that he was part of the old boys network, and it would be business as usual. But, the jeers turned to cheers fairly quickly as Vilsack established himself as a change maker. Add to that Michelle Obama’s influence in and around the White House kitchen and the early hope that the country could be shifting towards, as Michael Pollan puts it, a sun-food agenda for agriculture.

Two of the most interesting developments of late are the appointment of Kathleen Merrigan as the #2 at the USDA, and the announcement that Obama wants to end direct subsidies to the nations largest farms. Merrigan has a long history of supporting sustainable agriculture practices and was one of Food Democracy Now’s choices for just this position. And the big farms just plain don’t need the subsidies.

Closer to home, the Obamas have been making changes at the white house as well. They managed to bring their personal chef, Sam Kass, with them from Chicago without ruffling too many feathers inside the White House kitchen. Kass is well versed in local, seasonal and healthy eating. Then there is talk that a White House garden will be ploughed and planted by sometime in the spring.

for full article click here

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27 02 2009



Vans Vault Eco Era LX

27 02 2009


A new eco-friendly release from the Vans Vault collection based on the low-top favorite Era. The shoe’s upper features a Maharam-created sustainable material upper in two-toned fashion. The shoe’s materials are easily recyclable down the line at the end of the shoe’s life. The shoe is seen here in blue and red.

BC Organic Tees… These are crazy!!!

20 02 2009


100% soft organic fitted cotton, printed with exclusive green ink…. Click here

BROCCOLI CITY…Get em’ before they are gone..

17 02 2009



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Affordable Eco-Friendly Homes by Case Architects

31 01 2009


Case Architects is a Seattle, Washington based firm involved in the design and project management of affordable eco-friendly homes. Located in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood, Case focuses development on sites within walking distance of its office. Working in this context affords the group of architects and builders the unique perspective of its future neighbors, the people who will live in their light-filled energy-efficient homes.

Some common features found in the home’s that Case Architects designs and are: green roofs, rainwater harvesting, radiant floor heat, insulated concrete foundations, and non-toxic finishes.








Oh word….Toyota Prius can power your house…. UH?

30 01 2009


If you’re one of the unlucky ones who just got socked with that huge ice storm, well, you’re probably not reading this right now — your power is probably still out — but for those of us who like to prepare for the future, here’s an idea: Use your hybrid vehicle as a generator.

Electrical engineer John Sweeney hooked up his Toyota Prius to a DC-to-AC voltage inverter, and with five gallons of gas, was able to run his ‘fridge, a TV, the fan that keeps warm air circulating from his wood stove, and a few lights. Just don’t forget to keep that garage door open, Johnny.

Via Unpluggd

BCTV: An Organic Photoshoot

24 01 2009

Rani Jones + eco-fashion

5 01 2009


Rani Jones is the brainchild of designers Rani Patel and Lucy Jones. While it seems that eco-friendly fashion should be an oxymoron, these designers have managed to meld the two to create a collection that is as fashion-forward as it is socially responsible. Their clothes are sharp, inspired by geometry, and the of the type that can punch up your everyday wardrobe.

—Rebecca Suhrawardi Austin

Can you tell me a bit about your background and how the two of you became a designers?

We both feel that dressing up and make believe played a huge part in both of our childhoods. We had vivid imaginations from a very young age and so design was inherent in both of us whilst growing up. We graduated in different years, both with First Class Honours in BA Fashion Design from the London College of Fashion, by April 2008 the rani jones label was born.

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