26 03 2009


Intrigued by Wazabee’s promise of 3D images on an iPhone without the need for goofy 3D glasses? Then you’ll no doubt want to head on over to the company’s website post haste, as its 3DeeShell iPhone skin is now finally available to order for the not so low price of $49.99. In addition to adding an extra dimension to a currently limited number of apps (Wazabee provides three itself), the skin also serves a protective shell that you can leave on your iPhone at all times, with the autostereoscopic lens able to slide out to prevent unwanted headaches or hallucinations during non-3D use. Of course, the apps and lens will also work just fine on an iPod touch, just don’t expect a very snug fit from the case.


Acronym 3A-MSOL1 Solar Charger

19 03 2009


The system consists of a solar panel and a battery, as well as various adapters to make sure all your mobile devices get enough energy. The solar panel is covered in the same fabric as the Acronym bags, in which the solar charger can also be integrated on your travels.

The Acronym 3A-MSOL1 Solar Charger is now availalbe from Azita.

New ipod shuffle

12 03 2009


Standing at a narrowed down 1.08″ with a 0.3″ width, the new Apple iPod Shuffle is the smallest music player in the world. A key revamped features includes: VoiceOver. Say you’re listening to a song and want to know the title or the artist. With the press of a button, VoiceOver tells you as the music dips down. It even announces the names of your playlists. And when your battery needs charging, VoiceOver tells you that, too. Another key is 4GB of storage, so you’ll be able cram 1,000 songs into this piece. As an added bonus, you can engrave your name/whatever you want on the aluminum frame. Dope. Choose from White or Black and grab one through the Apple Online Store or local Apple dealer. $79



How about Dr. Dre? I trust his ears.

3 12 2008


Dr. Dre just unveiled his new in-ear Beats Tour headphones, a pair of $150 earbuds that promise to deliver more punch than those crappy white earbuds that came with your iPod.

iPod Cigarette Case

22 11 2008


I mean somebody really had a lot of time on their hands…..but you can hide other stuff also….fuck it i dig

Alesis ProTrack

17 11 2008


A perfect second life for your old-Pod comes via the ProTrack handheld recorder for iPod from Alesis. The device allows you to record audio directly to your iPod Classic, iPod 5G, and iPod nano 3G.

Fully equipped for professional users, the unit features XLR-1/4-inch inputs, onboard stereo condenser microphones, LED indicators and a unique time stamp for each recording. For journalists, students, podcasters, and musicians the ProTrack is a pretty slick solution available in the U.S. for just $200 here

mo money mo money ….. for speakers?!?

22 10 2008

I love it when companies that cater to rich audiophiles make iPod-compatible devices. I mean, we’re talking about customers willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for speakers, and you’re going to tell them the best way to enjoy them is to plug an MP3 player into them? The same MP3s that are compressed sound files? Talk about exposing yourself as a fraud.

The Aerosystems line of loudspeakers are big, impressive-looking speakers designed for the discerning audiophile. Their major flaw, however, is also one of their biggest advertised features: built-in iPod docks. Seriously? What kind of self-respecting audiophile would play MP3s on these speakers? MP3s are the enemy of audiophiles. These appeal to the dumbest, least-informed version of that demographic: rich guys who are too lazy to do research. And the sad thing is, they’ll probably sell a lot of them.

via: dvce


9 09 2008

Apple has just unveiled its new iPod nano line, as expected, redesigning the venerable portable audio player to make it tall and skinny. It has a large screen, taking up half of the surface of the front of the player, and it comes in a wide variety of colors to fit whatever mood you’re in.

Other new features include an accelerometer inside, which automatically flips the screen when you rotate the player, which is great for watching videos or viewing photos. Additionally, you can shake the player to shuffle the songs, which is neat but is something that’ll probably get old pretty quickly. The new iPod nanos come in 8GB and 16GB flavors, and are available for $150 and $199, respectively.


22 07 2008

This is an original concept of a Ring that could control the playback functionality of your I-Pod / I-Phone device wirelessly.  It uses the bluetooth technology and is USB powered.

Sega’s Ampbot

22 06 2008

Sega has released the A.M.P. (Automated Music Personality) Ampbot, a 2.4-foot robot that follows you around bumping your music, dancing, and letting you scratch on its turntable hands. The two-wheeled robot comes with a built-in MP3 or iPod cradle on its back, which you can control via a wireless remote. Built into the chest is a 5-inch mid-range speaker in the chest as well as two tweeters in the shoulder. Using six D and three AAA batteries, the Ampbot will pump out music for up to 10 hours. Priced at $500, the Sega Ampbot will hit stores in the U.S. and Japan in November.

Nano Pink For Valentines Day

23 01 2008


With Valentines Day just around the corner,Apple has released today the iPod Nano in pink. A nice gift idea, in case you are still looking around!


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