Swarovski-Studded Low Rider

5 04 2008

We’ve seen some flashy low riders in our day, but Ben Wilson’s Swarovski-studded bike takes the cake. The hand-built low rider comes adorned with nearly 110,000 crystals and a clean custom design. Surprisingly, Wilson hails from the UK, but he was inspired to build the bike after a trip to California. The price is only available “on application,” and Wilson warns, “hold your breath.”

If you just like the design and can do without the crystals, Wilson has a gold-colored model available as well.

Available through: Ben Wilson Design



8 responses

5 04 2008

this is crazy

5 04 2008

do you see how long dat chain is? dat shit is crazy

6 04 2008

I need this joint for Venice

7 04 2008
And God called him Himp

would you get the bike with crystals or the gold covered? I’m just wondering what I might think if I see a grown ass man riding a bike with gem stones all over it. I mean… what does your cell phone look like?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s hope to keep in the crib tho…

7 08 2008

the freaks bike, a nice bike

13 09 2008

i dont like this

25 11 2008

radical bike, huh??

great bike..

7 01 2009

i love lowrider
the great bike

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