.MGX and Renault’s Car of the Future

19 05 2009

The Ondelios, Renault’s environmentally friendly, high-end cross-over concept car, produced in collaboration with .MGX, went public on Milan Design Week 09…can’t wait seeing it on the road.


The Ondelios, designed for lovers of long-haul travel who set store by comfort and refinement, was inspired by nature and the way it solves problems with elegance. The .MGX design team and cutting-edge technologies enabled Renault to understand these natural processes in relation to creating structures. This vision can be seen clearly in the car’s ethereal design, interior layout and original hybrid powertrain.
In addition to providing inspiration, .MGX techniques were used to produce a number of specific elements for the car, including the dashboard and roof, which emphasize the vehicle’s airy look and feel and in the case of the latter, bathes the interior in natural light.


via: yatzer




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