Bye Bye Amber Rose

21 05 2009

Bye Bye Amber Rose!


Information has just come down the pipe regarding Kanye “To The” and budding socialite Mrs. Amber Rose. has exclusively learned that its a wrap for the “couple”. But you’ll never guess why.
You know I got all the seedy details below.

According to my source, Kanye has ended their relationship due to Amber trying to sneak out on him with another MC. Apparently while Ye is hard at work in Hawaii on Rihanna and Jay-Z’s albums, among others, Amber’s been trying to step out him with none other then Philly rapper Cassidy.
It seems the rumors in the streets about Amber Rose being nothing more than a bi-sexual opportunist is true because I hear she strived to keep her thing with Cassidy on the low. Too bad silly Amber wasn’t smart enough to know that you can’t get anything past Mr. West.

From what I understand, word got back to Ye’ and he cancelled that chick I-M-M-E-D-I-A-T-E-L-Y!
No word yet on Amber’s spin from the situation, but its definitely over.


Yesterday broke the story that Amber Rose and Kanye West is over!

Naturally, the back pedaling has begun, which isn’t that surprising if you really think about it. My sources contacted me late last night in an attempt to make an addendum to the story.

It seems like my sources[s] may have jumped the gun because now I’m being told that Kanye actually dumped Amber a couple of weeks prior to this new found intel between she and Cassidy. And, according to Cassidy’s people, here’s what the Philadelphia native is saying about the situation:

Cassidy and Amber Rose were both in the Philadelphia market this past weekend for a celebrity charity basketball event! Both of the celebrities are originally from Philadelphia and were in attendance of the charity to support a worthy cause, and rapper Cassidy is NOT in any type of “personal or intimate relationship” with Amber Rose!
All in all I think we all know what is going on here. And shame on everyone involved who’s attempting to use a blogger to do peoples dirty work.

Note to all tipsters. Once you call a blogger has rung the bell on a story, it’s EXTREMELY difficult to unring it. Make sure you think about ish long and hard before you start running ya mouths.

I was trying to be nice, but I think we all know what was going on between Ye and Rose anyway. And something tells me that love was the LAST thing on everybody’s mind!

Story Developing…

this is what they say but I mean I’d expect her to not cheat publicly and with a girl not a washed up 1/2 hit wonder”

What do they say about not looking a gift horse in the mouth? Amber Rose just stuck her head in it!





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