C Murder to be Sentenced to 10 years

28 05 2009


According to the arrest warrant in the Baton Rouge case, Miller tried to enter a club but a security guard stopped him. The security guard told Miller he could not enter without being searched, the warrant says. Miller demanded to see the club’s owner, who also told Miller he could not enter without the search, the warrant says. Miller was leaving when he grabbed a semiautomatic handgun from his waistband and allegedly attempted to shoot the club’s owner, who had his back to Miller, the warrant says.

When the gun malfunctioned, Miller racked the gun and discharged a live round, the warrant says. Miller then pointed the gun at the security guard and attempted to fire it for a second time, but it malfunctioned again and he drove off, according to the warrant.

A security surveillance tape from Club Raggs has been obtained, the warrant says, and the tape corroborated eyewitnesses’ accounts of the events.via: usa today

He has pleaded “no contest” to attempted murder charges. The No-Limit rapper and brother to Master P (known now as P Miller), plead to two counts of attempted second-degree murder and with the plea agreement he will be sentenced to 10 years in prison.




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