A dope boat.

5 06 2009

maltese-falcon-yacht-aerialjpgThe world’s largest, best designed, and most expensive sailing yacht, the famous 289-ft. Maltese Falcon, has been listed for sale via global online luxury marketplace JamesList for $130 million. Built by Perini Navi for venture capitalist Tom Perkins in 2006, it remains the ne plus ultra of sailing superyachts, a masterpiece of technology and design, and was recently featured on the cover of Luxury Toys: Top of the World. Her revolutionary sailing system – the DynaRig – set a new milestone in yachting history: three self-standing and rotating masts hosting 15 sails for a total sail area of 25,791 square feet for unrivaled, performance maneuverability and record-shattering speed; she can complete Atlantic crossings in ten days.





One response

5 06 2009
Chas Underwood III

Unbelievable boat…beautiful, fast and so luxurious. Have you checked out the Princess Mariana; 257’10” of yacht that charters for nearly a $1M a week! Check it out at my blog, StuffRichPeopleLove.com

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