Rihanna Wears Star Shaped Nipple-Covers

7 07 2009


Usually reserved for those practiced in the art of the strip-tease, ‘pasties’ are being promoted as an every-day commodity for girls by brands like Bristols6 (makers of ‘Nippies’). But while skin-toned pasties are sensible for avoiding accidental slips, Rihanna’s sparkly stars were most definitely worn to be seen. Nipple-tassels as outerwear?

So is Rihanna taking the nudity trend to another level? One that will make it big on the street, rather than just in magazine spreads? Perhaps – and though it’s not nudity per se, let’s not forget that pasties and nipple tassels were invented so that strippers and Burlesque performers could get naked without showing quite everything. And with the huge revival of Burlesque in recent years, it’s not too much of a surprise that the interest in these types of accessories has surged.




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