Nickelodeon’s New The Big Green Help program

17 07 2009


The folks at Nickelodeon’s new The Big Green Help program, want to give away a little green to help kids go green. In particular, they’re interested in things like asking kids to figure out the best way to reuse slime and double daring them to recycle as much as possible. Just kidding, but here is what they are actually giving grants out for: Big Green Help Grants

The Big Green Help is encouraging kids to go green and get healthy, and they’re coming at it from several different angles. They have green tv programs, a green website, green games, and now green grants anywhere from $2,500 – $5,000 USD will be given away for ideas that will get kids to go green. Proposals that “inspire kids to take care of the environment, be active, live healthy and engage in community service” are being accepted now. Creating a bike club, organizing a community garden, planning an eco-field trip to a park or zoo, or holding a city-wide Play Day are among the endless possibilities for eco-activities.

Specifically school and eco-organizations are encouraged to apply and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout 2009. One tiny snag – your organization had to organize an Earth Day 2009 event OR be prepared to organize a WorldWide Day of Play event (September 26, 2009). For more information on submitting a grant proposal, check out The Big Green Help.





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