Lego Ad Campaign

20 07 2009


Im loving this cool campaign by Blattner Brunner for LEGO, simple but yet efficient !   This campaign was done before the Cannes Grand Prix Winner.






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21 07 2009
These are some really cool and creative LEGO ad campaign

[…] ad campaign created by Blattner Brunner for LEGO. Its simple but really creative. Spotted via BC. View more photos below… No Comments so […]

21 07 2009
Minimalistiske Lego annoncer | bumbumbum

[…] BROCCOLICITY Translate to EnglishSHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Minimalistiske Lego annoncer", url: […]

27 07 2009

its called TrendLand or Cyanatrendland – not trend ! lol,
also just in case, would be great if you could link the source…apparently you know how to create a link right ?! Especially when its copy & paste…


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