Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton Putipanda

29 07 2009


The line was released in Japan end of April with big opening events and for those occasions the French luxury goods brand and the Japanese artist also worked on some special limited edition plush toys and plush toy key jewelry, that was only given out at the launch event.


Shoestring Chairs For Converse

28 07 2009


Timothy Liles has produced a series of Shoestring Chairs for Converse. Entirely covered in Converse shoe laces, the outcome is interesting and resulting in different looks for each chair.

Gatorade Michael Jordan Limited Edition Bottle Commercial

28 07 2009


Robot series by Markku Lahdesmaki.

26 07 2009

markku-lahdesmaki-robot-series-5-600x398amazing Robot prints inside the windows of Canvas Boutique and Gallery. This robot series is the work of Finnish photographer, Markku Lahdesmaki. The work is available for purchase directly on Canvas’s web gallery, starting at $1850.00.


Jonathan Zawada x The Selby Poster

25 07 2009


Utilizing a selection of images derived from The Selby’s numerous house visits, Australian artist Jonathan Zawada created a run of limited edition posters. With only 275 pieces, the 24″ x 35″ glossy prints come signed and numbered. Available now at The Selby Store with a retail price of $25 USD.

Italian VOGUE Releases Special Black Barbie Edition

23 07 2009


The editor of Italian VOGUE magazine Franca Sozzani had this to say about the Barbie issue (which features all black barbies):

“Barbie has been an icon for whole generations which is why I really wanted to give a strong sign in step with the times, and dedicate [this] issue to Black Barbie.”



23 07 2009