Planika Coffee Table

24 07 2009


They’re from Planika Fires, a company that has developed a way to prevent fire from filling the house with smoke and covering the walls in soot. The secret is Fanola, a green, renewable energy source that is smoke- and odor-free. We’re not sure if these guys have actually figured out how to defy the laws of matter, but the table pits are so fantastic, we’re not worried.

LED Bud Lighting Up

24 07 2009


Just twist on up! The cap above the pedal, that is. It’s like a volume knob, opening the flower or closing it, bringing the light to a broader world or directing it to a sharper area. 32 warm and cold LEDs spread across four adjustable pedals on a pivot and twist head joint.

Take a peek at the black border image down there while I explain up here to see what I’m chatting at you about! Down from the light head there’s a twist joint that twists 300degrees (weird?) and a counter-weight on the bottom to hold the light up. There’s a couple of dimmers in here too- one for cold light, one for warm!

Is your house making you sick?

23 07 2009





21 07 2009



20 07 2009


Toyota has installed huge sunflowers at the Boston’s Prudential Plaza. Bringing to life the theme: “Harmony Between Man, Nature and Machine”, the over-sized flower sculptures are partially powered by solar panels on the back of their petals and the base of their stems. Each of the five Solar Flowers provides seating for up to 10 people, access to free Wi-Fi service and power to charge cell phones and laptops.

Nickelodeon’s New The Big Green Help program

17 07 2009


The folks at Nickelodeon’s new The Big Green Help program, want to give away a little green to help kids go green. In particular, they’re interested in things like asking kids to figure out the best way to reuse slime and double daring them to recycle as much as possible. Just kidding, but here is what they are actually giving grants out for: Big Green Help Grants

The Big Green Help is encouraging kids to go green and get healthy, and they’re coming at it from several different angles. They have green tv programs, a green website, green games, and now green grants anywhere from $2,500 – $5,000 USD will be given away for ideas that will get kids to go green. Proposals that “inspire kids to take care of the environment, be active, live healthy and engage in community service” are being accepted now. Creating a bike club, organizing a community garden, planning an eco-field trip to a park or zoo, or holding a city-wide Play Day are among the endless possibilities for eco-activities.

Specifically school and eco-organizations are encouraged to apply and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout 2009. One tiny snag – your organization had to organize an Earth Day 2009 event OR be prepared to organize a WorldWide Day of Play event (September 26, 2009). For more information on submitting a grant proposal, check out The Big Green Help.


Red Bull Cola Ingredients Box

15 07 2009


A sturdy wood box, and real samples of the 17 natural ingredients of the cola, Design Friendship created a striking presentation of the unseen raw material that goes into the drink. And in our increasingly virtualized-digitized world. the display is a great testament to the commanding presence of physical objects.