Billionaire Boys Club & Ice Cream 2009 Fall/Winter Lookbook

10 06 2009


BBC/Ice Cream unveil their Season 9 lookbook. Probably one of their most comprehensive collections to date, this new seasonal range offers a multitude of cut-and-sew garments alongside both brands signature t-shirt, denim, and outerwear offerings. Fall/Winter also sees a special Space Beach Collection within the BBC label, designed by Nigo. The new season will begin arriving at BBC/Ice Cream accounts beginning July 1st ,2009.



Ross Lovegrove x Issey Miyake Hu Watch

5 05 2009


Teaming up with another well-known designer in fashion’s Issey Miyake, the duo with the help of Seiko unveil their Hu watch. The watch’s characteristics include a design incorporating elements of contour and anatomy to fully integrate with the wearer. The special shape wraps around the wrist with an angled dial for easy visibility.

Gourmet Spring 2009 Epi Collection

21 03 2009


Damn……..Gourmet Spring 2009 Epi Collection, using french made premium epi leather on the uppers. They present a high top sneakers and a low top sneaker in different colorways.The combination of the green upper and gum sole, as well as the low top black sneaker.

via; highsnobiety

Sony PlayStation 3 Bluetooth Headset

30 06 2008

Now that Sony is finally getting its online service running at full steam they’re finally bringing out high quality accessories to make the experience that much better. Their official Bluetooth headset features its own charging cradle, extended battery life, and even a mute button. The headset will be bundled with SOCOM and expect it to be sold separately around the same time

Go Green BBQ Grill!!!

30 05 2008

Charcoal can be messy stuff… luckily for us dynamic design duo, Mike and Maaike, have tackled this process with their new Baja BBQ Firepack for Design Annex/Lazzari. The design of the packaging as a recycled, functional aspect of the process is just genius.

“The Baja BBQ Firepack is charcoal packaging that lights instantly and burns away in the grille, making the barbeque experience simple, clean and chemical free. Made from 100% recycled biodegradable paper pulp, the package contains 2 lbs of natural lump charcoal and features an integrated chimney that creates perfect hot coals in 15-20 minutes without the aid of chemicals or lighter fluid. Available at gourmet supermarkets. Manufactured by Lazzari/ Design Annex

Chipped Nails A-Okay???

25 05 2008

There’s a story in the Style section of the Times laying out the premise that it is now okay and even cool to walk around with a busted manicure. And there is some truth to that. But it’s not just about nail polish. In general, busy young females no longer feel like beholden to ANY beauty or fashion regime. Chipped nails are not so much hip as they are a reflection of the crumbling of insane female beauty standards. Which is a good thing. Women shouldn’t feel like they can’t leave the house just ’cause everything isn’t perfectly on point.

Sorry NY Times but I cant roll with you on this one……..I think that women with chipped nails just dont cut it thats like a cat rocking dirty kicks……thats not Broccolicity( Sorry I had to post the piciture of the nails there so fantastically hood)


Married to the Mob 2008 Summer Collection

5 05 2008

Right on the heels of the Colette x Married to The Mob x Reebok Freestyle collabo, the Most Official Bitches have dropped hints of what’s to come for their Summer 2008 collection. In addition to the usual tongue in cheek slogan emblazoned across the chest of ladies from Paris to NY, from the classic “My Girls Smoke Mad Marijuana…” to the new “Let’s Talk Shit” slogan (see below), queen bee/designer Leah McSweeney takes her “most official” status a step further with a “Men are the New Women” beach blanket, fashioned after the popular tee.