j & b and Jay-Z and Lebron for Obama

23 10 2008

i dig….

Jay-Z continues to throw his support behind Democratic Presidential, Senator Barack Obama.

The legendary rapper now has teamed with LeBron James to offer a free rally and concert in Cleveland to encourage early voting.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Last Chance For Change rally will take place October 30 at The Q.

The event is free and open to all Ohio residents, however a pre-assigned ticket is required for entry. Tickets will be available at several locations throughout Cleveland. Tickets will be made available beginning Friday, October 24 between the hours of 9AM and 9PM.

Jay-Z also performed in Detroit and Florida in similar rallies. James will serve as host of the event. During his “Heart of the City” tour with Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z often took a moment out to shout out Obama.


Barack Obama v. Bill O’Reilly Part 2 of 5

8 09 2008

The real father of Bristol Palin’s Baby Speaks…

6 09 2008

I thought the white dude was the father…. This story is getting crazier by the day… STAY TUNED!!

Dear Lord, Thank you for such an intelligent leader… i think…

23 08 2008


Its almost over!!!!!

McCain forgot how many cribs he owns? Dude is the worst!!!!

21 08 2008

WASHINGTON AP- John McCain may have created his own housing crisis. Hours after a report that the Republican presidential nominee-in-waiting didn’t know how many homes he and his multimillionaire wife own, Democratic rival Barack Obama launched a national TV ad and a series of campaign stops aimed at portraying McCain as wealthy and out of touch.”I think — I’ll have my staff get to you,” McCain told Politico when asked Wednesday how many houses he owns. “It’s condominiums where — I’ll have them get to you.” Later, the McCain campaign told Politico that McCain and his wife, Cindy, have at least four in three states — Arizona, California and Virginia. Newsweek recently estimated the two owned at least seven properties.

Last week McCain cracked that being rich in the U.S. meant earning at least $5 million a year. With most Americans feeling the pinch of a worsening economy, the remarks allow Democrats to suggest that McCain cannot relate to ordinary voters.Campaigning in Chester, Va., Obama told voters, “I guess if you think being rich means you’ve got to make $5 million and if you don’t know how many houses you have, it’s not surprising you might think the economy is fundamentally strong.”


McCain’s tax returns showed a total income of $405,409 in 2007. According to her 2006 tax returns, Cindy McCain had a total income of $6 million. Her wealth is estimated by some at $100 million, based on her late father’s Arizona beer distributorship. 

Obama and his wife, Michelle, reported making $4.2 million in 2007.

plastic to wood…Sustainable Cards

21 08 2008

We get them whenever we travel but hardly give a second thought to all those plastic keycards from hotels. Sustainable Cards has created wood hotel key cards and they will get their big debut at the Democratic National Convention. Around 70,000 biodegradable key cards will be used in Denver hotels.. The Sustainable Cards will be emblazoned with the Denver 2008 Host Committee logo and made from sustainably harvested wood. Wooden key cards have been used in Europe for years. While it wouldn’t seem like such a small item would make a big difference, switching from plastic cards to biodegradable wood can reduce plastic waste equal to the volume of seven 777 airplanes in one year. The company also plans to offer wood gift cards in the future.

Kites provide energy for 100,000 CrIbs!!!! UH….

7 08 2008

If we told you that a free-flying kite could provide enough energy to power your house, you might consider us crazy. How about all the homes on your block, or even an entire city? Scientists at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands recently tested just such a technology, tethering a 10 square meter kite to a generator to produce 10 kilowatts of power (enough energy for 10 homes). They are currently planning to scale the experiment with a 50 kilowatt kite and a 100 megawatt array called the Laddermill that could potentially power 100,000 homes!

Credits: Mike Chino