Further Soap (recycled restaurant grease)

25 06 2009

31tHf1TOsmLDrivers of veggie-oil fueled cars can now clean up with a soap that supports their greasolining ways: Further Soap. This freshly scented grease cutter is made using recycled restaurant grease by a biofuel-loving couple in L.A.!

Behind Further Soap are Marshall and Megan Dostal, who make their own biofuel for their 1984 Mercedes 300D by collecting grease from Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton’s restaurant, Mozza. The fuel-making process also creates glycerin as a byproduct — which is then purified and used to make Further Soap!
Further Soap smells amazing, with a scent derived from essential oils of bergamot, olive and exotic grasses. However, because the ingredient list only mentions “natural fragrances” without revealing all the ingredients that go into the scent, I’m guessing some environmentalists — including myself — will opt instead for soaps that practice full disclosure.