Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton Putipanda

29 07 2009


The line was released in Japan end of April with big opening events and for those occasions the French luxury goods brand and the Japanese artist also worked on some special limited edition plush toys and plush toy key jewelry, that was only given out at the launch event.


The Prostitute Toy By Parra

13 07 2009


Adfunture is currently presenting their upcoming collaboration with Dutch artist Parra at Taipei Toy Festival. “The Prostitute” brings to life one of his characters into a 3D world. The toy was produced by adFunture and is coming out Fall 2009.

Garageworks x Ron English “Marylin Mickey”

15 06 2009


Another exciting vinyl toy is coming from artist Ron English. In collaboration with Garageworks the artist produced the “Marylin Mickey” toy and brings to life another one of his characters. So far there is no word on a release date, but expect something soon.

Original Fake 4 Feet Dissected Companion

2 06 2009


The new Original Fake 4 Feet Dissected Companion by Kaws is coming out soon. The oversized toy is made for the 3rd anniversary of the clothing brand, a joint venture between artist Kaws and Medicom Toy.

Art Action Obama 2008 Show

15 10 2008

Jailbreak Toys, makers of the Barack Obama Action Figure, will present ART + ACTION = Obama 08 at Toy Tokyo’s gallery: The Showroom NYC on October 17th. Contemporary artists, toy designers and graf writers like Bigfoot, Mars-1, Peat Wollaeger, kaNO, Brin Berliner, Brent Nolasco, Suckadelic and Voltaire are just a handful of the customizers who will go to town on unpainted DIY Obama figures.